Piano tuning, repair, restoration in Salt Lake City, Utah

Licensed piano tuner, repair, restoration technician
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Piano Technician

Dmitriy Baykov

Services Offered

Pitch Raise
If your piano is ½ step or more lower than concert pitch, it is necessary to tune it twice, with 1-2 weeks between tunings.  The second tuning is needed to allow the strings to stretch.  The cost of the first visit is $89.  The second visit is $65.  It is important to tune your piano at least once per year or the strings will “relax” and your piano will not be able to maintain its proper pitch.

Tuning Pins
If the tuning pins in your piano are too loose they can be repaired with a fluid treatment.  If this does not work the pins and the strings will need to be replaced.  The approximate cost of this is $2500- $3000.

I can change the tone (or voicing) of your piano from a mellow sound to a brighter sound, or from a bright sound to a mellower sound.

I can repair squeaky pedals.

I can repair or change buzzing strings.

I offer the service of cleaning your piano of all the dust and grime particles.  By having this done at least twice a year, you will insure to keep your piano and home safe, clean and free of numerous harmful pests.  I charge from $20- $50 for this service. 

Maintaining a Healthy Piano

To help keep your piano playing and sounding as good as possible it is helpful to keep the room temperature and humidity level constant.

To make an appointment call Dmitriy at (801) 638-1083

"I guarantee my work or your money back!"